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ACV borrows foreign currency for investment in Long Thanh Airport

It is expected that immediately after the Lunar New Year, Vietnam Airports Corporation (ACV) will implement the construction of some key items of Long Thanh Airport (Dong Nai).

Speaking to the press, Mr. Lai Xuan Thanh, Chairman of ACV's Board of Directors, said that due to the impact of covid-19 in the past two years, ACV's revenue and profit decreased sharply. While profiting tens of trillions per year, enterprises only benefited a few hundred billion in the recent two years. This could affect the implementation of some airport projects as previously planned by ACV.

With the Long Thanh airport project, according to Thanh, the second half of February (after the Lunar New Year) will implement some key items. The progress of this project was assigned by the National Assembly and the Government to complete the first phase and put into operation from December 2025, but ACV aims to complete by June 2025, and strives to be able to finish earlier.

ACV leaders also shared that the Long Thanh airport project has had no procedural problems so far. However, this is the largest airport ever in Vietnam; therefore, the investment and construction process is difficult to avoid some issues incurred.


Source: NDH