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Basing on Savills’s statistics, until June 2020, There are about 375 industrial parks in Vietnam with total land size is 114.000 ha.
In which, there are 280 industrial parks in operation on an area of 77,000 hectares and occupied nearly 74%. The remaining 75 industrial parks, occupying an area of 29,000 ha are under construction and site clearance.
The Northern region has about 61 industrial parks with a total size of over 18,450 hectares, concentrated in the provinces of Bac Ninh, Hanoi, Hai Phong, Hai Duong, Hung Yen and Vinh Phuc.
In which, the leased area in the whole area accounts for nearly 11,410 ha and the average occupancy rate is 86%. Land rent calculated per rental cycle is about 91 USD / m2 and factory rental per month is about 4.1 USD / m2.   

Hanoi is the locality with the highest rental price with 129 USD / m2 / rental period. Hai Phong and Bac Ninh have similar rental price, from 95 to 96 USD / m2 / rental period.         

In general, supply and performance are more abundant in the southern region. This area has about 125 industrial park projects with a total land fund of 43,482 hectares, concentrated in Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Long An, Ho Chi Minh City and Tay Ninh.
Industrial zones in Vietnam have an average occupancy rate of 85% and have leased 27,812 ha. Particularly in Binh Duong, the occupancy rate has reached 99%. The land rental price for a long term cycle falls to 104 USD / m2, while the factory rental price per month is about 4.4 USD / m2.
In addition to Ho Chi Minh City, which has expensive rental price with 147 USD / m2 / rental period, Long An and Binh Duong also have quite high rental price, recording 123 USD / m2 / rental period  and 107 USD / m2 /rental period.         

6 new industrial zones provide more than 3,700 land by 2021

According to Savills forecast, by 2021, there will be 6 more industrial zones entering the market with a total area of 3,733 hectares. In which, there are 4 projects located in the North (934 ha) and two projects in the South (2,799 ha).

The two largest industrial parks in the south, Phu My 3 Industrial Park (999 ha), are expected to come online in the second quarter and Viet Phat Industrial Park (1,800 ha) in Long An will come online in the last quarter next year.     

1. Nam Trang Cat Industrial Park

According to Savills, 200 hectares of Nam Trang Cat Industrial Park will come into operation in the second quarter of 2021. (Photo: Hai Phong Economic Zone Authority)
From Savills, from the second quarter of 2021, the northern market will welcome Nam Trang Cat Industrial Park with a size of 200 hectares located in the port city of Hai Phong, led by Vinhomes Industrial Park Development Investment Joint Stock Company (VHIZ), a subsidiary of Vinhomes (VHM), is the  investor.
In the report summarizing business results in the third quarter, Vinhomes stated that there are about 373 hectares of industrial land for lease in the next two years, accounting for 66% of the total area of three industrial zones of Vinhomes in Hai Phong.

2. Phu My 3 Specialized Industrial Park           


Phu My 3 Specialized Industrial Park is located in Phuoc Hoa ward, Phu My town, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, connected to major traffic axes through Highway 51 and Provincial Road 818 (Phuoc Hoa - Cai Mep). (Photo:
Phu My 3 Specialzed Industrial Park has a total area of 1046 hectares, invested by Thanh Binh Phu My JSC and has a total investment of 6,000 billion VND.
According to the plan, the industrial zone includes the following subdivisions: Supporting Industrial Park (281 ha), Heavy Industrial Park (118 ha), Port and Logistics Area (132 ha); housing area, urban area (56 ha) and golf course, ...
The project is divided into two phases: Phase 1 deploying 376 ha (leased area of 286 ha), Phase 2 deployed 506 ha (leased area 361 ha). Phase 1 was started construction in August 2015 and completed and leased from 2017.
By the end of 2019, the first phase of the project has leased 150 hectares, the occupancy rate is 54% and the rent is about 150 USD / m2, according to Ba Ria - Vung Tau Newspaper.
The investor is still completing phase 1 infrastructure and as expected, the second phase of the project will be put into operation from the second quarter of next year.

3. Thuy Nguyen Industrial Park     

Thuy Nguyen Industrial Park is adjacent to TL359, adjacent to Hai Phong Urban, Industrial and Service Area project, adjacent to Phan Dat canal and planning ring road 3, Hai Phong city. A part of the project land is in the general planning project to build Dinh Vu - Cat Hai economic zone. (Photo: Hai Phong newspaper)
Thuy Nguyen Industrial Park has a size of nearly 320 ha, located in the communes of Trung Ha, Thuy Trieu, An Lu, Ngu Lao, Lap Le, in the port city of Hai Phong.
In which, a part of the land of the project is in the master plan for construction of Dinh Vu - Cat Hai Economic Zone up to 2025 which has been approved by the Prime Minister.
In early April this year, the Vinhomes Industrial Park Development Investment Joint Stock Company (VHIZ) proposed to invest more than VND 4,141 billion to develop the infrastructure of Thuy Nguyen Industrial Park.       


4. Nam Son Hap Linh Industrial Park   

Nam Son Hap Linh Industrial Park is located in Bac Ninh, adjacent to national highway 18B, 15 km from Samsung factory and easily connects traffic with seaports, airports, ... (Photo: Kinh Bac)
Nam Son Hap Linh Industrial Park has a total area of nearly 433 hectares, invested by Kinh Bac Urban Development Corporation - JSC (KBC). According to Savills data, about 238 hectares of commercial land from this project will be brought into the market in the last two quarters of 2021.
Information from the investor, this is also the only remaining Kinh Bac industrial park in Bac Ninh in the coming period (Que Vo Industrial Park is 100% filled).
In 2019, Kinh Bac has invested nearly 100 billion VND in leveling, surveying and designing clean water stations on the scale of 100 hectares of compensated land, bringing the total value of investment in this industrial park to nearly 458 billion VND.
According to this year's plan, Beijing will focus on completing legal procedures, clearing the remaining land and improving infrastructure to hand over land to investors who have registered to lease land on time.


5. Song Lo 1 Industrial Park           

Song Lo 1 industrial park has an area of about 177 hectares, located in three communes Duc Bac, Dong Thinh, Tu Yen, Vinh Phuc province. This is one of six industrial parks in the plan of Vinh Phuc Industrial Zones Authority to issue investment registration certificates this year.
Information from Savills, this project is invested by TNI Holdings Investment Joint Stock Company and is expected to launch at the same time as Thuy Nguyen Industrial Park and Nam Son Hap Linh.     


 6. Viet Phat Industrial Park              

Viet Phat Industrial Park is located in Tan Lap commune, Thu Thua district, located in the key economic region in the South, near the expressway of Ho Chi Minh City - Trung Luong, easy to move to the center of Ho Chi Minh City, ... (Photo: Dan Tri)
Viet Phat Industrial Park has a scale of 1,800 ha, planned according to the model of combining industrial zones and urban areas. In particular, the land area for industrial zones is over 1,200 hectares and land for urban areas is over 625 hectares.
The project is invested by Tan Thanh Long An Investment Joint Stock Company and Vietnam Creative Industrial Park Management Joint Stock Company (VNIP) is the development unit. On May 18, the project was officially started.
According to Mr. Troy Griffiths, Deputy General Director of Savills Vietnam, many manufacturers will continue to pursue the "China +1" strategy to find ways to reduce the risk of depending on a market and diversification locations.
With the available advantages such as a stable business environment, abundant workforce and cheap labor costs, developing infrastructure, preferential corporate income tax, ... Vietnam will attract great demand towards industrial zones in the future.