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Kobelco Eco-solutions Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Vietnam is a country with a high awareness of environmental protection and relatively high standards for treating industrial wastewater. The Centralized Wastewater treatment Plant of Phu My 3 SIP is designed and constructed by Kobelco Eco-Solutions. This is the first built wastewater treatment plant in BRVT procvince with Class A wastewater treatment standard, which is the most severe wastewater standard in Viet Nam National Standard.
Phase-1 with processing capacity (9,000 m3/day) was already completed in February 2017 and is currently in operation. In the future, the processing capacity will be expanded to 45,000 m3 /day.
With this high-performance wastewater treatment facility, Phu My 3 Specialized Industrial Park has realized an environmentally friendly operation.
Kobelco Eco-solutions Vietnam also supplies a large number of individual wastewater treatment facilities for tenants inside the Phu My 3 Specialized Industrial Park, and also provides operation and maintenance services  according to customer requests.