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ZOCV is the project from Korea Zinc - A famous corporation from Korea

Korea Zinc is a corporation from Korea, was established in August 1974 and now becomes the world's leading non-ferrous metal corporation with an output productions of about 1.2 million tons, including 18 non-ferrous metals from zinc to lead, gold, silver and copper…. as well as rare metals such as indium.

Korea Zinc established a Vietnamese legal entity in Phu My 3 Specialized Industrial Park, ZINC OXIDE CORPORATION VIET NAM LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (ZOCV) is an investment project of electric arc furnace dust (EAFD) treatment plant capable of recycling EAFD to produce zinc oxide (HZO, type 65%) can replace condensed zinc. In addition, the factory also produces high-purity zinc oxide (IZO, type 80%), which is used as input material for car tire and ceramics manufacturing industry in domestic and international markets; thereby contributing significantly to the national budget revenues as well as foreign currency revenues of Vietnam. The project has a total investment of more than 120 million USD, design capacity is imput of 100,000 tons/year of EAFD; Output of 35,000 tons/year of HZO 65% or 25,000 tons/year of IZO 80%.