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Gemalink receives two more super-sized STS shore cranes

On February 19, Benoit Klein, General Director of Gemalink Port, said that the South Korean vessel Dongbang Giant No.8 has just docked to hand over two super-large ship-to-shore cranes to Gemalink International Port. This is the first step in the strategy to expand Gemalink deep-water port business.

Two super post-panamax ship-to-shore cranes of the same size as the port's six existing shore cranes, weighing 1,700 tons, maximum lifting capacity of 85 tons and a range of up to 25 containers on board, capable of unloading the 214,000 DWT super-large vessels that the port is receiving.

The 7th and 8th ship-to-shore cranes are expected to complete installation, test operation and be ready for operation from March 2022, which is expected to help increase the port's loading and unloading capacity more than current levels (32 containers per hour per crane).

Gemalink's investment in more super-large ship-to-shore cranes brings more benefits to customers and helps raise the status of Cai Mep in the world seaport industry.

Benoit Klein, General Manager of Gemalink Port, said: "The enhancement of crane equipment will make the freeing of ships faster, Gemalink's dock capacity will be faster, better service to the mother ship, improve Gemalink port capacity to major ports such as the US and Europe. Next, we will continue to invest in more crane equipment in the beach, shore cranes to increase the capacity of the port, expand cooperation with the surrounding parties to increase the capacity to receive."

In its first year of operation, Gemalink has reached near design capacity and in 2022 is expected to reach 100% of the design capacity phase 1. Shipping lines and shipping lines are constantly adding the world's largest mothership and sized vessels to gemalink. Gemalink is one of the very few ports in the world capable of receiving 214,000 DWT ships.


Source: Ba Ria - Vung Tau Newspaper