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Vietnam will recover strongly in 2022

The fourth wave of Covid -19 epidemic heavily damaged the economic and social; however, Vietnam is still achieved and exceed a a number of economics targets. GDP growth was 2.58%, import and export reached the recored number of USD 669.5 billion (exported surplus about USD 4 billion), an increase 22.6% compared to the previous year, which push Vietnam into group of 20 leading economies about international commerce. Attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) got 31.35 USD billion, increased more than USD 9.2 billion compared to 2020.

The central solutions for supporting enterprises will implement in “Economic recovery and development program” are: supporting liquidity of enterprises such as delayed and postponed policies of paying tax; reduced tax, fees, account payable; cut off expenditure of enterprise; implementing the policies of providing interests rate compensation for businesses in industries strongly affected by Covid – 19 epidemic and focused industries group prioritize development to create a momentum for economic recovery.

Vietnam will prepare the necessary conditions to attract investment as well as investigate additional clean land funds, investigate electricity planning, establish regulations and standards as new filters to select the FDI investors who have advanced technology, are able to withstand pressure from outside and ensure national security.


Source: Tuoi Tre Newspaper